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SS 2016 - Hydrodynamics

PD Dr. Falko Ziebert

Lecture: Wed 12-14 in SR 1
Starting date: 20.04.16
Exercises: 1h, will be scheduled later


We will give an introduction to the hydrodynamics of simple liquids. This classical field theory is governed by conservation laws, that will lead us to the Euler equation and to the famous Navier-Stokes equation.
Among the diverse subjects that can be described by this theory are the dynamics of vortices and the existence of boundary layers (both important for aerodynamics), the friction-dominated Stokes limit that is important for small scale objects in flow (e.g. suspensions), and hydrodynamic instabilities, that led to the discovery of deterministic chaos and which are crucial for understanding weather and climate.
Finally, we will also discuss current research topics like the recently discovered ‘active fluids’, i.e. suspensions of swimming bacteria or artificial microswimmers.


    E. Guyon et al. Physical Hydrodynamics, Oxford (2001)
    Landau & Lifshitz Vol 6: Fluid Mechanics

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